Core Values

At New Mubarik, we pride ourselves on our supreme performance, skillful workmanship, and the use of superior materials for our wide range of products that guarantee efficient performance and beautiful aesthetics.


Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction through supreme quality products, manufactured to the highest standards that Last a lifetime.

Our Excellence

We aim to surpass consumer loyalty through pre-eminent quality products, made to the most astounding measures that endure life time.


Our company is always on the lookout for new technology, and by fostering a culture of innovation, we are able to develop and constantly evolve our products to the highest standards of quality.

Our Ideology

We aim to be the global market leaders in the fan industry and expand our portfolio of extraordinary quality home appliances. We strive to be highly competitive by providing unmatched, strong, reliable, and beautifully crafted products.


We are known worldwide for our strong moral principles, not only in the manufacturing unit but also in our customer relationships. All stakeholders of New Mubarik are extremely satisfied with our practices.


New Mubarik is known for its corporate culture based on family values. The effective distribution of responsibilities among different units is paramount to our successful operations. An ethos of cross-department collaboration is always encouraged and has become the heart of our collective methodology. Furthermore, our open-door policy allows for the sharing of concerns with top management, promoting a culture of friendliness and continuous idea exchange.